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Omnisend Vs. Klaviyo: Top eCommerce Marketing Automation Tools Step Go Head-To-Head

Image courtesy of Omnisend.

Discover What Platform Packs The Punch Your Business Needs For Automated Marketing Success

Welcome to the Ultimate Marketing Automation Showdown! In this product comparison article, Omnisend and Klaviyo step into the arena to battle it out for the championship title of Marketing Automation Tools (MAT) heavy hitter. These platforms are not just contenders, they're the top choices for businesses looking to automate their marketing strategies and boost engagement with customers.

Let's analyze their features, strengths, and weaknesses across key categories such as ease of use, automation capabilities, integrations, pricing, customer support, and more! By the end, you'll have a ringside seat view of which platform deserves the crown in your marketing arsenal.


  • Omnisend flexes serious muscles with its omnichannel marketing approach, including email, SMS, push notifications, and more.

  • Klaviyo has great flow and customization. It's known for its robustness in features, primarily focused on email marketing but offers strong integrations for other channels.


  • Omnisend delivers a knockout with its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and automation workflows.

  • Klaviyo: Packs a punch with powerful features but may have a steeper learning curve due to its advanced functionalities.


  • Omnisend throws powerful automation workflows for various channels, including cart abandonment, welcome series, etc.

  • Klaviyo comes out swinging with advance automation capabilities, detailed segmentation, and personalized triggers.


  • Omnisend ducks and weaves with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

  • Klaviyo maneuvers well with integrations across popular e-commerce platforms, offering in-depth analytics for targeted campaigns.


  • Omnisend dances around the ring with tiered pricing based on features and contacts.

  • Klaviyo jabs at pricing based on the number of contacts, potentially becoming a heavyweight as your list grows.


  • Omnisend delivers strong blows with detailed campaign analytics and customer insights.

  • Klaviyo strikes back with advanced analytics including A/B testing, cohort analysis, and revenue tracking.


  • Omnisend offers email and chat support during business hours, ready to spar.

  • Klaviyo known for responsive customer support with dedicated account managers for higher-tier plans can go the distance.


  • Omnisend lands basic personalization punches for emails and other channels.

  • Klaviyo delivers advanced personalization combos, including dynamic content and predictive analytics.


  • Omnisend scales well for growing businesses with customizable plans.

  • Klaviyo fits businesses of all sizes but can deliver heavyweight costs at a higher contract tiers.


  • Omnisend gathers cheers for ease of use and omnichannel capabilities.

  • Klaviyo earns applause for advanced features, automation, and responsive support.

Choosing between Omnisend and Klaviyo depends on your specific needs, budget, and level of expertise. If you require robust automation across multiple channels, Omnisend might be a good fit, while Klaviyo's focus on advanced email marketing and personalization could benefit businesses looking for deep customer insights and targeted campaigns.

Although it's a competitive battle, for us, Omnisend edges out the competition with its user-friendly interface, robust omnichannel capabilities, customizable plans, and positive user reviews, making it a champion for businesses seeking a comprehensive and efficient marketing automation solution.



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